Colorado adventure fun times on CT90s

July 2017 saw the fruition of a trip some of my family had been planning.  Once in a while my brothers and my dad and I get together and ride motorcycles and sometimes there's a theme.  The first trip we just rode what we had, and the theme was to ride across Colorado without touching interstates for as long as we could.  The second ride was a shorter one, from Johnstown, CO to Estes Park via backroads, but on old scramblers.  Mostly Honda twins and one Bridgestone. 

This time an email brainstorm chain broke out about road tripping some goofball scooters, which eventually evolved into a dirt road trip on Honda Trail 90s.  Once that was decided, we descended upon Craigslist and between 4 of us had bought 7 bikes within a few weeks.  A couple ran, most didn't, and the two I bought were basically parts bikes (one still is).  We decided the roads and trails around Ouray, CO would be our playground.  Good times were had, the bikes lived through it all, and we learned that the little 90s don't breathe any better than we do above 12,000 feet.

Here are some pics to prove it, and to enjoy.  Big smiles from little bikes!